Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to participate?

All you really need is a Bible, a simple journal to write in, and the reading schedule. Life Lived Beautifully offers some great journals dedicated especially to daily Bible study!

As a bonus, you can sign up to receive our daily devotionals + reference other supplementary materials.

Where do I get the reading schedule?

The schedule is available for download here! Print it out and carry it in your Bible, or just save it to your phone for reference!

What Bible is best to use?

We recommend (and reference!) the New King James Version (NKJV) as that is one of the most accurate English translations and it’s written in modern English. The King James Version is the most accurate translation, however it’s written in old English with lots of thee’s and thou’s that can make it difficult to read.

It is important to note that there is a difference between translations and a paraphrase. Translations stick close to the original language, while paraphrases, such as the NTL or The Message, take the original language and ask, “What does it mean?” As such, the latter can be considered human interpretations, and should be used as supplemental reading and not primary sources.

We also like Bibles with room in the margins to write (journaling Bibles are all the rage so you should be able to find lots of affordable options if you’d like!) and cross-references.

How do I access the devotionals?

We’ll post each day’s assigned reading + an accompanying devotional on this website. To ensure that you keep up (accountability matters!), we urge you to sign up for our email list and each day’s devotional will be emailed to you!

How often do you post devotionals?

Every day! We hope you’ll join us!

What if I can’t start on January 1?

No worries! Just jump in at any time and start with the day’s assigned reading – even if it’s in the middle of a book. You can always catch up on your own, or keep working on our one-year schedule into 2017! The goal is to open your Bible each day, and the one year is just for motivation and organization.

How much Bible knowledge do I need?

We welcome everyone – all ages, religions, and walks of life. The important part is just to start. No need to have a degree in religion or experience with Bible studies. Prayer and the Holy Spirit will teach you so much more than any book, college, or study aid!

What if I fall behind on the assigned readings?

Life happens, y’all! We know that we’ll all miss a day or two – or a few weeks. That’s okay. Progress over perfection. You can catch up at your own pace, since all the devotionals will be archived on this website!

On that note, if you get to a book of the Bible or a topic that tugs on your heart, we urge you to spend the extra time studying that book or topic. Some books of the Bible naturally lend themselves into deeper study, while others (like the books of Moses and a lot of the Old Testament) can be read quickly in one sitting for those catch up days!

Nonetheless, we hope you’ll open your Bible each day, even if it’s to read and mediate on a single verse or passage. It’s food for your soul and wisdom for your life!

What if I don’t know how to study the Bible?

We got your back, friend! Check out our blog post with tips on how to do Bible study + stay tuned for an e-book dedicated solely to Bible study. We are also firm believers that the Holy Spirit is the ultimate educator, so with a lot of prayer and Bible study, God will teach you so extraordinary things!

What other resources do you recommend?

For Bible studies on individual books of the Bible, we love the She Reads Truth studies. The studies are available for free online, for a small fee on their app, or in print.

Lara Casey’s Write the Word journals are also a great tool to get you reading your Bible actively.

Finally, Jen Wilkin’s “Women of the Word” is an easy, yet enlightening read on the basics of Bible study.