Let’s Study the New Testament Together in 2017?


In 2016, hundreds of Tirzah girls from around the world read the Bible in full together with #TirzahintheWord. Some of us are currently finishing up the final few pages of their Bibles, others are still working through the Bible, and a few gave up along the way.

When we asked you what you wanted 2017 to look like for Tirzah, the overwhelming response was the desire to focus on Bible study and prayer. You wanted to go deeper into the Word and build up a thriving prayer life. We agree Bible study and prayer are the foundation of a believer’s life, so we spent the last couple weeks praying on how to logistically make your requests happen.

As a result, we’re excited to introduce our virtual Bible study group: Tirzah in the Word, where we’ll study the New Testament together in 2017.

Because we firmly believe that the most valuable thing we can teach you is how to study the Bible and pray. With those skills, you will be prepared to live out a Godly life boldly and courageously.

In our members-only Facebook group, you will get access to:

  • a tight-knit community of young women who are striving to live a set apart life
  • a reading schedule to read the New Testament in 2017
  • bi-monthly video Bible studies hosted by our Editor-in-Chief, Yelena Bosovik; Community Director, Chanel Caulfield, and other special guests (it could even be you!)
  • access to accountability partners and small groups (connect with others on a smaller scale via text messaging)
  • a 10% discount on all current and future Tirzah products and devotionals.

For a ONE-TIME fee of $19.99 you’ll have access through December 31, 2017 to a virtual Bible study group – we’ll pray together, study the Word of God together, and empower you to live a set apart life in the modern world.


We hope you’ll join us and make this investment to establish a strong foundation of accountability, Bible study and prayer in the coming year and for the rest of your life.

We know some of you may be hesitant to make the investment (we’ve probably spoiled you a bit keeping our ministry 100% free for the last three years). But if you’ve been blessed or encouraged by our website even a tiny bit, please consider supporting us as we continue to grow our ministry. For full transparency, it costs a couple thousand dollars a year to run this ministry – I’ve done my best to pay for it out of pocket myself, but it’s no longer sustainable for me to keep producing all the content and financially providing for this ministry on my own. We will do a fundraiser later on in January, but for now, we wanted to give you something tangible and live-giving to invest in.

We’ll also host a webinar on January 7 with more information and a sample video Bible study to discuss Tirzah’s future and vision for 2017. You’ll get a sneak peek into how I do my Bible study and have the chance to see Scripture come to life. We’re working behind the scenes to make this webinar happen so stay tuned for the details soon.

Finally, please bear with us we work out the kinks of this new venture. This fell into place within days so we’re working as fast as possible to get everything organized and into your hands within the next few days.  Our theme for the coming year is “cultivate” so we hope to grow slow and steady (more on this in our upcoming webinar!).

Although Tirzah Academy won’t officially launch until Spring 2017, join today as we build up a community of Tirzah girls who are transforming the world around them by being the light. It is possible to live a Godly life in the modern world and we want to be the ones who empower and equip you to live out your faith courageously and boldly for such a time as this.


July Readings – Free Printable!

Y’all, I can hardly believe it’s already July. I hope everyone is having a lovely summer!

Screenshot 2016-07-07 11.29.33

I’m popping into your mailbox real quick with the readings for July. You can download the Tirzah in the Word readings schedule here, or if you’re a bit behind or reading on a different schedule, we also made a blank July calendar to print and fill out with your own reading schedule.

“Now in the morning, having risen a long while before daylight, He went out and departed to a solitary place; and there He prayed.” -Mark 1:35

If Jesus, the son of God, needed time each morning with God, then who am I to think I could thrive without daily visiting the throne of my God? Most mornings, it’s so difficult for me to wake up early to spend time in the Word and prayer. Some days, I treat my quiet time like any other item on my to-do list. I read superficially, not going into any great depth or rushing through my customary prayer.

Even though I hate to admit it, not prioritizing my quiet time is costing me greatly. I’ve noticed that if I skip my readings a few days or rush through them, then I begin to drown in the concerns of this world. I worry more. I start to seek this world’s definition of success and beauty. Worst of all, my convictions become watered down. I start to justify my lack of obedience to God’s word; sin becomes less scary; and the fear of God fades away. It’s okay, I tell myself. I call it grace, but deep inside, I know that it’s just me slowly moving further away from God. I lower my standards and put down my sword. And that could be fatal for Christians.

Don’t be fooled, friend. You cannot survive spiritually without daily nourishment from your God. Without deep Bible study and continuous prayer, we start to become like the world. We stop hearing His voice and become too distracted by the shiny things in this world. It happens so gradually that we don’t even notice.

But it’s never too late to return. To pick up your sword again, and to set your alarm for an hour earlier than usual so that you can spend precious time at the feet of your Father. Come, and drink from the well! He will teach you and your life will be utterly transformed.

Introducing: Tirzah Connect

In January, we vowed to spend more time in Bible study, and many of you have joined us in reading through the entire Bible in 2016 via Tirzah in the Word. To delve even deeper into the word of God, we also released a 21-day devotional study on living a set apart life in the modern world.

But we need more. We need community. Some of you are living away from home or in situations where you don’t have any one to do Bible study with. Others seek accountability to open the Word each day and someone to encourage you to keep going when you miss a day (or a week or a month!).

Because how many times have you felt swept up by the word of God and motivated to answer a calling felt within your heart? How many times have you started a new bible study or reading plan? How often have you reluctantly watched as the little things in your life take back your time and energy?

Let’s be honest here: diligence is hard. Keeping the promise to ourselves to swap out the junk fillers (Netflix, scrolling through your phone) for time spent with God is hard. We can feel so much pressure to maintain our schedules that sometimes we feel too exhausted to change old habits. We seek those comforts that aren’t always healthy for us.

“And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” -Ecclesiastes 4:12

Tirzah Connect

So, this summer we are excited to announce Tirzah Connect, a new way to build fellowship and grow in our faith, together.

Here are the details:

  • Meet with fellow set-apart girls in a secure, online forum through a private Facebook group.
  • Find daily focus on Bible study amidst social media that often distracts us from what really matters.
  • Get daily supplements to #TirzahintheWord devotionals and creative tips to help you study the bible.
  • Build a network of young women also striving to live a set apart life.
  • Ask your Bible study questions and share what the Lord is teaching you daily.

You don’t have to be reading on the Tirzah in the Word schedule – all our welcome! The group will be moderated by our Group Leader, Chanel Caulfield. She is a writer, lover of puns and currently working on a counseling degree. Most importantly, she is a follower of Jesus seeking new ways to build a fellowship in a chaotic world.

You are not alone here. You do not have to walk without guidance along your journey with God.

We realize that the modern world can leave us feeling isolated and we hope you join us in this journey of friendship!

To join, request to join the Tirzah Connect Facebook group. Chanel will accept your request and you’re ready to start posting and interacting with the other girls in the group!

Catch up day!

Happy Sunday friends!

I’m jumping into your inbox to let you know that with it being a leap year, we seem to have been a day AHEAD with our devotionals here! Which is a good problem to have. 🙂

So, if you have been following the schedule based on the emailed devotionals and our social media, you are a day ahead. As such, we’re calling today a catch up day for those who may have fallen behind (like me!).

If you have been following out the printed schedule we gave you at the beginning of the year, then you’re right on track. Starting with tomorrow, we’ll all be back on track with the printed 2016 schedule (including the June schedule we gave you earlier this week!). 

For those of you who are behind, we’ve made a BLANK June printable for you to fill in what you hope to read in June. If you’re reading on your own schedule that is different from ours, we hope this encourages you too!

Finally, we have some exciting news coming soon to TirzahMag.com (hint: a new devotional study to help you live a set apart life!). So, make sure you’re subscribed for our email list on TirzahMag.com to be the first to receive the news!

With love,

Yelena Bosovik, Founder + Editor in Chief

June 2016 Readings

Since I keep forgetting to do my weekly Sunday emails with each week’s readings, we’re going to try a monthly calendar instead.  We hope you’ll download this reading schedule, print it out and put in your Bible or a place where you can easily reference it each morning!


Even if you’ve fallen behind or are just now joining us, let today be the day that you begin to cultivate a daily habit of Bible study and quiet time.

Don’t be fooled, friend. You cannot survive spiritually without daily nourishment from your God. Without deep Bible study and continuous prayer, we start to become like the world. We stop hearing His voice and become too distracted by the shiny things in this world. It happens so gradually that we don’t even notice.
But it’s never too late to return. To pick up your sword again, and to set your alarm for an hour earlier than usual so that you can spend precious time at the feet of your Father. Come, and drink from the well! He will teach you and your life will be utterly transformed.

With love,
Yelena Bosovik, Founder + Editor in Chief


This Week’s Readings

Hi friends!

First, I apologize for missing the last few Sundays with the assigned readings – I hope you were able to still follow along with our devotionals though.

Second, if you are falling behind on your readings, give yourself grace. Because y’all – I’ll be honest – I’m a few days behind myself. With traveling, Easter, and finishing up my last few weeks of law school, things have been hectic.

So, my motto is progress, not perfection. I still open my Bible daily, but somedays, all I have time for is one chapter, while other days, I catch up on a few day’s reading at a time. Because it’s not about the schedule, but about spending time in the Word daily. 

Finally, here is what we’re reading this week (again, if you’re behind, keep reading at your own pace):

  • MONDAY: Judges 12-14; Luke 9:37-62
  • TUESDAY: Judges 15-17: Luke 10:1-24
  • WEDNESDAY: Judges 18-19; Luke 10:25-42
  • THURSDAY: Judges 20-21; Luke 11:1-28
  • FRIDAY: Ruth 1-4; Luke 11:29-54
  • SATURDAY: 1 Samuel 1-3; Luke 12:1-34
  • SUNDAY: 1 Samuel 4-6; Luke 12:35-59

How is your Bible study coming along?

How can we encourage you? 

Weekly Readings

Happy Sunday, friends!

I hope wherever you are, that you got a glimpse of beautiful spring weather this weekend. We had sunshine and 70’s, so it was quite the delight!

Last week, on TirzahMag.com, we talked about why you keep falling for the same guy, and I also shared my best tips for networking and building relationships (this advice even works for introverts!).

On Friday, I also hosted an impromptu Periscope about singleness and preparing for marriage. I don’t often talk or write on these topics, but God has been moving mountains in my heart in this area, so I felt called to share what I’m going through with you! You can watch the replay on our Katch channel (and make sure to follow us (@TirzahMag) to watch our next Periscope live).

This week we’re reading:

  • MONDAY: Numbers 26-27; Mark 8:22-38
  • TUESDAY: Num. 28-29; Mark 9:1-29
  • WEDNESDAY: Num. 30-31; Mark 9:30-50
  • THURSDAY: Num. 32-33; Mark 10:1-31
  • FRIDAY: Num. 34-36; Mark 10:32-52
  • SATURDAY: Deuteronomy 1-2; Mark 11:1-19
  • SUNDAY: Deut. 3-4; Mak 11:20-33

Friends, we are making such great headway in our Bible study and I hope that you’ve been keeping up with our schedule. If not, start today. Give it a chance for a month and see how your life is utterly transformed. You may not even know it’s happening but as you live out His calling on your life, and the more you hear His Word, the more He will mold and shape you into the woman He created you to be.

On the other hand, to those who don’t hear His word, even the little they have, will be take away. That’s those of us who rarely, if ever, open our Bibles and then complain that we don’t know what God wants from us or that we can’t hear Him. In those seasons, God does indeed take away His word from us. And that’s a scary thought.

Let’s open our Bibles, friends. It’s the single most important thing you can do for yourself.