Day 342: See God (Daniel 11-12; 3 John)

“He who does good is of God, but he who does evil has not seen God.” -3 John 11

I have always struggled with verses like this. The message is similar to James 3:11, which says that fresh and bitter water can’t flow from the same spring. So, you’re either with God or against Him. There is no middle ground. Unfortunately, somehow, modern Christianity seems to have found the comfortable place in the middle though that is part the world, part Christianity. No longer is it evident when you walk down the street or go to work who is a believer and who is not.

We all sin. And sin is evil. So, how can it be said that we have not seen God? I mean we call ourselves the children of God and claim to have found Christ… and yet, here John writes that if you do evil, you have not seen God.

Sin is a choice and when I look at my life, when I sin, I make the decision – whether consciously or subconsciously – to look away from Christ. I turn my thoughts and my spiritual gaze from the cross and from His throne and turn my attention to the things of this world that steal my attention and cause me to stumble. This is easy to do after you skip Bibles study and prayer for a few days. After a few weeks, it gets even easier until you hardly even think what God would think about your actions and thoughts.

Keep your gaze on Jesus. Set check points through out your day to read your Bible and pray. Don’t start your day without a heart check to see where your priorities are for the coming day. Because when you’re constantly seeing God, your life will overflow with goodness. There is no middle ground – you’re either with God or not. Choose to be with Him, always.


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