Day 338: Humility (Daniel 3-4 and 1 John 3)

Friends, today I would like to talk about a subject generally avoided. That lovely, illusive quality, the one we all want but usually don’t have – humility. Reading through Daniel chapter 3, we take a front row seat to the life of King Nebuchadnezzar. The king of…well, in his opinion, everything. He encounters the God of Israel again and again, and promptly forgets about Him. One day, as he walks on his roof, surveying the kingdom, he declares that it was by his own hand and power that all of it was built (If you’ve read the story, you know that at this point the Lord causes Nebuchadnezzar to go crazy for a little bit so he will remember who’s in charge)!

This got me thinking about humility in my own life. Sure, I haven’t set up any statues lately, but do I sometimes think I can succeed on my own? Do I forget the One who holds the universe in the palm of his hand? Oh, yes!

Nebuchadnezzar was only allowed to come back to his life and kingdom when he acknowledged the Lord as the one true God. Similarly, we must take the time to check our hearts, and see who we’re most impressed with (Hint: it shouldn’t be us). We need to strive to be humble in our lives so we don’t miss out on giving credit and praise where its due. 1 John 3 says we are the children of God. How humbling is that? This is reality! What a blessing to praise the Lord as the one true King!


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