Day 334: Waiting (Ezekiel 45-46; 2 Peter 3)


Waiting is hard. Whether you’re waiting for a husband, a child, a job, graduation, healing or something else entirely. But it’s even more difficult when all you can do is sit passively and wait on God to do His work – especially when all you want to do is take control of the situation.

People tell you that your time will come and that it will be when you least expect it. Now, that may be true, but what is definitely true is that it will happen in God’s timing and not a minute earlier or later.

But something is within our control: the way we wait. We can turn a season of waiting into a season of personal and spiritual growth or we can sit it out passively or even bitterly as we watch the world go by. The choice is yours. Because sometimes God does require us to learn a lesson before He will bless us with a reward. Because sometimes it requires the laying down of self – our ambitions, our timetable, our expectations so that He can make the way for His plan, His timing and His expectations. It might seem like a century of waiting, but it’s so worth it!


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