Day 330: Dry Bones Live (Ezekiel 36-37; 1 Peter 3)


If you’ve never read Ezekiel 37, go do it today. Don’t leave it off for tomorrow or later. Do it now, because I want God to revive our souls like those dry bones. To breathe in the Holy Spirit into us. I pray the Holy Spirit will bring up an army of God that will spread His name to all the ends of the earth.

So that at the next gathering of young people, it’s a lot less of showing up just to meet people, to be seen, to find a boyfriend or girlfriend, or for the fun. But young people coming together to truly pray and gather in Godly fellowship. To be humbled and filled with the Holy Spirit. Until bounds of hell are broken free; people are healed; demons cast out. Until the rafters shake with the wail of broken souls that are revived with new life. Until phones are forgotten for a few hours and the markings of the world are stripped away.

So that we may not leave that building until souls are renewed with new strrength, the heels come off and we end up on our knees, and the presence of God is more overwhelming than ever before.

We are probably doing good right now. But our God doesn’t settle for good. He wants all of us, completely surrendered and set apart from the world. Because the youth of today will be the leaders of our families, churches and communities tomorrow. Let’s pray that we may have the spiritual training and foundation to carry on what so many Christians before us sacrificed their lives for. Our time is coming, friends. So, what will our generation be known for?


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