Day 328: Set Apart (Ezekiel 32-33; 1 Peter 1)

“…because it is written, ‘Be holy, for I am holy.'” -1 Peter 1:16

The fundamental (core) meaning of hágios (the Greek word for holy) is “different” – thus a temple in the 1st century was hagios (“holy”) because different from other buildings. In the New Testament, hágios has the “technical” meaning “different from the world” because “like the Lord.”

All of our lives though, different was a negative thing. In fact society excels in making you feel like you have to blend in and be like everyone else. Turn to any social media or television channel and you’ll see the same type of girls wearing the same styles, with the same hairstyles, living variations of the same life, and with time, you begin to think that something must be wrong with you because you’re nothing like all that.

I love the message behind this Lancome ad – the idea that you can walk into a room and be completely different. That while everyone dances this life away, you can walk forward with intention towards a greater purpose; breaking down barriers the world puts around you and making people wonder what it is about that radiant woman who shines so brightly. That in a world of blandness and look alikes, you can be that woman in white.

So, I know that’s probably a lot to place on an ad, but in my head, that’s how I envision living a set apart life, but with a deeper level of a life that yields fruits of the Spirit – gentleness, kindness, self-control. Because you were never made to be like everyone else, darling. You were created to be set apart and unique. Different is good. Embrace it, even when it’s awkward and even when you’re the only one wearing a formal gown in a room of leggings and sweatpants.


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