Day 236: A Heart Position (Ezekiel 27-28; James 4)

So often we read about Old Testament depravity and feel far removed from their paganism. The arrogance! The hedonism! The pride! The blatant rebellion toward the God of Israel.  And yet, upon a closer look, we resemble the Princes of Tyre spotlighted in Ezekiel 27-28. The princes felt secure and untouchable, but not in God – in their position. Tyre was renowned for her commercial success and wealth so the princes’ hearts “swelled with pride” because of beauty and talents. Their hunger for fame and thirst for glory corrupted their wisdom” (Ezekiel 27).

Overconfident in their success and wealth, the princes became proud.

I must admit that I can relate (maybe you can too?).

The lure of fame and glory is all too familiar, even as women in Christ. In a culture of #girlbosses and women killin’ it, we unwittingly fall into the same trap and come to rely on our material successes. Instead of having our identity and security in Christ, we’re apt to find comfort in what we’re renowned for: education, family background, talents, memberships, or savings accounts. Then we weigh and measure using those standards. In our pride, we come to believe it’s our intelligence, financial savvy, or networking that has paid off and garnered success.

We forget that it is the Lord who establishes us.

James reminds us that “God opposes the proud, but shows favor to the humble” (James 4:6).  He encourages us: Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up (James 4:10).

Because He alone lifts, promotes, and establishes.

May we never forget that Jesus is our daily bread. May we never neglect to visit the throne for regular doses of mercy, grace, and strength. May we always we approach with hearts submitted.

Humility is not a repeated prayer, a pauper income, or deferral of praise. Humility is a heart position.

So, let’s not be women who bow our knees, but withhold our hearts. Let’s posture our hearts, too, toward a King who alone is worthy of all glory and honor. Forever.


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