Day 309: Jesus Gets It (Jeremiah 40-42; Hebrews 2)

“For in that He Himself has suffered, being tempted, He is able to aid those who are tempted.” -Hebrews 2:18

I’ve heard it often: “Jesus wouldn’t get it. He didn’t live through x, y, z!” Jesus didn’t have a boyfriend cheat on them or a dad who abused him from a young age. Jesus didn’t have high school pressures, dating woes or a online pornography addiction.

We seem to think that because Jesus didn’t live through the exact steps of our life means He doesn’t get it. But He does. Jesus was betrayed by one of His best friends – someone who spent 24/7 with Him for many years. Jesus was called to do something so difficult that His tears were like blood. He had haters and Satan promised Him the whole world too in exchange for His soul. Just because the package wrapping is different doesn’t make the temptation, heart break or challenge any different.

That is the beauty of our faith – that our God sent His own son to live on this earth in human form so that through Jesus Christ we could be directly connected to God Himself. There is no longer a great divide between God and the people. Instead, we have an advocate in Jesus who champions our cause before the throne of the Holy God. When we stumble and fall, Jesus says that His sacrifice on the cross made us white as snow. When we are hurting, we only have to turn back to the moments in the Bible when Jesus wept after his friend Lazarus died or the moment Judah gave up his best friend for a couple pieces of silver. When we struggle with a bad habit, addictions and temptations, we that Jesus was tempted by Satan and mocked/persecuted by the leaders of his day.

Jesus gets it. He might not have had a cell phone or the Internet, but He is able to understand every struggle and triumph in our lives. We must only be willing to share it with Him and to draw from His strength, knowing the one who guides us has already walked this path. He lead by example and that’s the best kind of leader a girl could ask for.


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