Day 308: Boldness (Jeremiah 38-39; Hebrews 1)

As I read through Jeremiah, I see a prophet who was imprisoned, thrown in a well, and persecuted, yet continued to speak the truth God gave him. He never let up, but continued to say what others needed to hear. As I looked ahead into Hebrews 1, it becomes clearer. God used these prophets to explain the mysteries of God and the coming Savior Jesus.

Boldness is not something I often pray for. It’s easy to simply allow others to live their lives and not feel we need to encourage them, or tell them difficult truths. I am not suggesting we come across as judgmental or harsh, however, aren’t there times when we should speak up instead of remaining silent? Aren’t there times when we, like Jeremiah, need to speak out the truth of who God is and what He is doing?

My encouragement to all of you today is to pray for boldness, and then go out and speak  life to others. Whether that is a note of encouragement to someone who seems down, standing up to injustice, or simply reminding a friend that God is there. Let’s be a generation of young women who are dependent enough on the Lord to stand up and speak truth boldly!


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