Day 307: Refresh (Jeremiah 36-37; Philemon)


The Greek word for “refresh” in Philemon 1:20 is “anapaúō” – from aná, “up, completing a process,” which intensifies paúō, “pause” – properly, to give (experience) rest after the needed task is completed; to pause (rest) “after precious toil and care.” Or as one translation phrases it: to take your ease. A regular dictionary defines “refresh” as to “give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate.”

There is a lot out there written about rest. Most of it will tell you to take the day off. And there is value in that, but after using Lara Casey’s PowerSheets for the last year, the word refresh has taken a deeper meaning for me. In the PowerSheets, every three months there is a “refresh” page where you take a few minutes to think back on the last three months and plan for the following three months. You take inventory of what went wrong and what went right. You evaluate what matters and what you want to make happen in the next quarter of the year.

Before the holidays get here (and the new year!), take a moment to hit the refresh button. Take stock of what your days are filled with and whether those things and responsibilities are getting you to where you want to be when you’re 80. Acknowledge the things that went well and be honest about what didn’t work out.

“Refresh” isn’t the traditional type of rest – it’s the place where you stop for a moment to align your steps with the path you ultimately want to be on. It’s recognizing what you’ve done and planning what you’ll do next. It’s that drink of cold water on a hot day that empowers you to continue. So hit refresh. It will be good for you, I promise!


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