Day 300: What Is Your Why? (Jeremiah 20-22; 2 Timothy 1)

Apostle Paul knew his why. As we’ve studied Paul’s writing the last few months, you may have noticed Paul often uses the phrase, “for this reason, I…” and it is usually followed by a variation of him being appointed a preacher and a teacher of the gospel. Because Paul’s why was so firm he was not ashamed or discouraged when persecution, suffering, and even prison came into his life.

What is your why? What truth do you cling to when the going gets rough? What motivates you to get out of bed each morning? What drives the way you spend your days? Alternatively, if you struggle to get through your day and you can’t find meaning in your work, then why?

The easy answer is just to echo Paul – of course, we all want to glorify Christ and spread the Good News. But the truth might be different for each of us. Maybe your why is to graduate with a 4.0 GPA so can get into graduate school. Or maybe it’s the motivation to be successful in your career or to be financially secure. Your why could also be your children or your spouse.

Although none of those are bad motivations, our primary and foundational why has to be Jesus. For everything we do, we must be able to back it up that the reason I do x, y, or z is because it glorifies God: I go to work each day because God calls us to work with our hands to provide for the needs of our families. I go to school because I need this degree to work in the profession God has called me to. I spend my days taking care of my household because God has entrusted these children and this man to me. The examples could go on and on, but those are whys.

So, what is your why?


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