Day 289: Beauty for Ashes (Isaiah 59-61; 1 Thessalonians 4)


As I prayed one night, the vision was clear: A neglected lot. Abandoned skyscrapers, cracked pavements, overgrown with weeds and littered with waste. Everything was gray in this ghost town where beauty and wealth used to reign. But then I saw a single pink bud peeking out high above the rest of the weeds. A bloom. Could it be? Here?

And a voice so clear: “just wait until I shine My light on her. Watch her bloom. Watch her transform the rest of the world. Her aroma will please the senses and her beauty will inspire many hearts to become unburdened. She will lead and not grow weary.”

Friend, if you are in a season of hardship, pain, failure, loneliness, financial struggles, unemployment, illness, or heavy spiritual battle, know that this is not your story and that this season won’t last forever. God is able to take even the most desolate of circumstances and make something beautiful. He can take broken hearts and make them whole again. He can transform a malnourished spiritual life into a flourishing tree planted by the spring of living water.

Above all, the Lord can take even the most ordinary, plain girl and give her an extraordinary story to live out. Because He gives beauty where ashes remain and joy after mourning. He can peel of that garment of heaviness surrounding you and dress you in praise.

Don’t give up on yourself just yet and, more importantly, don’t give up on God. He’s got plans for your life, girl, and they are truly beautiful and awe-inspiring. Yes, even if all that remains are the ashes of past heartbreaks, failures, mistakes, and broken dreams. Even there a rose can bloom with the promise of a better tomorrow.


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