Day 285: Salt & Grace (Isaiah 48-49; Colossians 4)


Salt is the oldest method of food preservation, but it is also useful for other things: (1) enhancing texture, (2) enhancing flavor, (3) holding a product together, (4) providing sodium, an essential nutrient, and (5) enhancing color.

Let’s break that down. We’ll skip the preservative part since there is a lot of Christian content out there in this area.

(1) When making yeast breads, the amount of salt affects the rate of yeast fermentation and gluten formation, both of which affect the bread’s final texture. Your words shape people. When you tear someone down for being sloppy, lazy, fat, selfish, loud, or somehow not enough, you should know that no matter how confident that person is, they’ll carry your words around for a lifetime. At their weakest, your words will haunt them. But you can also speak life into people and those words will raise them up.

(2) Did you know that in small amounts, salt can counteract bitter flavors in food, while other times it can also intensify sweetness? Know when to use salt in your speech. Like when a friend is lamenting yet again about how ugly she is, speak the loving truth to her to combat the bitterness. And when yet another friend gets engaged while you remain perpetually single, celebrate in their joy without envy or passive aggressiveness.

(3) Words have the power to hold people and relationships together or tear them apart. Do your words bind or do they cause strife? For example, pointing out someones’s strengths and accomplishments has the opposite effect of pointing out someone’s weakness or mocking a mistake.

Now here is your challenge for today: research the final two traits of salt and see if you can find parallels in the Bible for these characteristics. Then, ask yourself the impact your words have on those around you. Are they full of grace? Salt? Or the right combination of both?


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