Day 277: Quiet Confidence (Isaiah 29-30; Ephesians 6)


I’m an introvert, and so I always wished that I was the outgoing, confident type. The need grew more pronounced in law school as I was surrounded with all sorts of confident, bold personalities. I wanted to be more, because I thought that in order to make an impact on the world, I needed a big, outgoing personality.

But then God spoke this verse to me one day and it was like something finally clicked into place: I didn’t need to be outgoing, a social butterfly or the constant center of attention to be the Light in this world (although those personality types certainly make it easier at times!). Being quiet is not a weakness. Just like being confident doesn’t mean that you’re always going to be an outgoing people person who has all the answers.

There is a saying that “still waters run deep.” Used figuratively since about 1400, the saying was amplified by Anthony Trollope in He Knew He Was Right (1869): “That’s what I call still water. She runs deep enough… so quiet, but so-clever.”

That’s the kind of woman I want to strive to be: the kind of woman that lives with intention – she knows when to speak and when to listen. The kind who turns the other cheek instead of engaging in a useless argument just to prove her point. The kind of woman who no matter what comes her way remains at peace and deeply rooted in the promises of her God. She is filled with grace and the kind of calm that makes you feel at ease in her presence. The kind of woman who is secure in her looks, talents and callings because she knows she was created by the King of Kings for good works. The kind of woman who doesn’t feel the pressure to always be the center of attention or seek the approval of the world around her. May we all have that quiet confidence deep within us.



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