Day 269: They’ll Call You “Mama” (Isaiah 7-9; Galatians 4)


I grew up around Isaiah 8:18: “Here I am and the children whom the Lord has given me.” This has been my parents vow – to raise God-fearing children so that one day they can give an accounting to the Lord for the souls He put into their care.

For a long time, being a mother was the only viable option for women. There are decades when home-making and child-rearing was a woman’s sole purpose in life – almost an art in a way. With the development of women’s rights, the suffrage movement and a wave of feminism, our generation grew up hearing that we could be anything we wanted to be, including the option to never be a wife or a mother.

Somewhere along the way though, we girls took that to mean that aspiring to be a stay-at-home mom was an old-fashioned option or something to be ashamed of. As if you don’t have ambitions or were never going to make a mark on the world. So, we put off having children – until we get an education, until our career is established, until our income can sustain a child, etc…We plan our families like we plan for major purchases – as if it’s a right we can exercise when it’s most convenient for us… if ever.

But raising children is a privilege not to be taken lightly. It’s an assignment from above. It’s the King of Kings entrusting you with His child on this earth – whether through adoption or natural birth. When He created you and wrote your story, He knew which kids would be yours and that you  would be the best mother for them. Yes, even if you don’t seem like the traditional mothering type. Because God knows you can do it. It’s the greatest calling a woman could ever have, because someday, you’ll stand at the throne of God and account for the children God gave you to raise. Will your children stand beside you?


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