Day 266: I am my Beloved’s (Song of Solomon 6-8; Galatians 1)


We often confuse emotional intimacy with sex. There are so many women of God who have given their virginity because they wanted to please the man they were with at the time but in reality, it was given in fear. If sex wasn’t part of the relationship, the men would find their pleasure elsewhere. Sex inside the boundary of marriage can be celebrated and freely given without thought of shame or judgment. It can be given with joy because everything leading to that moment has been based on our belovedness – mutual respect, affection, admiration, selfless service, and love.

Beloved becomes our identity in Christ. We are no longer the soiled doves of the enemy but the spotless daughters of the Most High God. We belong to Jesus as cherished treasures, free from the bondage of our old sins and our old selves. And as much as we belong to God, He belongs to us!

It is our heart’s cry to belong to someone we love, to be chosen and claimed. Who doesn’t want to hear that out of the billions of people on this earth, we are the one that man has picked above any other? Yet, God is telling us exactly that, even if we are single, we’re still chosen and beloved.

Sisters, if you go to your marriage bed not being a virgin, I pray that the man God blesses you with will show you the true love of Christ and there will be no fear. God’s grace and mercy has made us whiter than snow and if He can forgive us and not bring it as a charge against us (like the enemy does), so will the men He allows us to marry.

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