Day 264: Rise Up, My Love (Song of Solomon 1-3; 2 Corinthians 12)


What a sweet invitation to come away with the man she loves. My love language is quality time and such an invitation would be like music to my ears.

We receive that offer daily through the gentle tugging of the Holy Spirit to spend time in God’s presence; to have that quality time with the Lover of our souls and be refreshed after the winter and the rains of our every day lives.

But like the little foxes in the vineyard (a place that is supposed to be ripe with fruit in the springtime), there are things that hinder us from spending time with Him. It’s there that we hear His voice more clearly, where the fears of this world melt away in the warmth of His embrace, and where our hearts are united with His in worship.

It’s there that we can be honest with our every desire because He’s placed them inside of us. Too many times, we hide them for fear of embarrassment. Our desires for marriage and sex have become tucked away in the deep recesses of our hearts and erotica/pornography became the outlet many women use to feel wanted, desired, and known.

Life is hard. Singleness is hard. But when we come away with our Beloved, we give every burden to Him and find our rest.

For a deeper study on the Song of Solomon and the single woman, click here! 


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