Day 262: Betrothed (Ecclesiastes 7-9; 2 Corinthians 11:1-15)

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When you say I do on your wedding day, you give your promise before your friends, family and God to spend a lifetime with your betrothed. By default, that means that you say no to all the other men – no matter how perfect they may be or how alone you feel if your husband stops paying attention to you the same way he did when you were first married.

It’s the same with God. Once you choose Him, you promise to keep choosing Him. That nothing apart from Him will satisfy you. In today’s reading, Apostle Paul warns the church at Corinth against false doctrines and prophets that may attempt to steal their attention away from Jesus Christ.

We have the same temptations today, if not even more! There is a new church, denomination, organization, website, speaker, writer everywhere you look with their own flavor of religion and Truth. Whatever you want to hear to justify your life and your actions, you can find out there in the world today.

But friend, may your only Truth and plumb line be the Word of God – unfiltered, unaltered and without manmade embellishment. May your devotion be only to your betrothed and may that devotion show in how you dress, speak, behave and most importantly, how you spend your time. Don’t let anyone or anything else steal away your spiritual virginity – no matter the promises they make or the loneliness you feel. Keep yourself apart from this world, believing with all your heart that an eternity spent with your betrothed is more beautiful than any temporary pleasures of this world.

Is there anything that weakens your commitment to keep Christ first in your life? How can you minimize the distractions that threaten your devotion to him?


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