Day 253: Sharing Secrets (Proverbs 17-18; 2 Corinthians 2)

DAY 253.png

When someone hurts your feelings, the first reaction is often to vent in anger and pain. We want the person who hurt us to feel the same pain we do. Girls especially are prone to this kind of behavior.

But what if we started a new trend? What if when someone slights us, we react with grace? What if instead of telling someone about the wrong, we cover it with love and keep the the wrong to ourselves?

I recently watched a new Hallmark movie (as cheesy at they are, I love them!), Summer Love, where the main character has a project idea stolen by one of her fellow interns. The CFO of the community figures out that the idea was hers to start with, and gives her and the other intern the opportunity to come clean. But, knowing how much the other intern needed to succeed in this internship and the fact that she didn’t want to pursue the idea herself, she kept silent and let the other intern run with the project. Most people in her position would have gloated over the intern and the fact that their wrong was now made public. At the very least, they would vent to co-workers and friends about the no-good, thieving, self-seeking intern who stole my idea and is now heading up a project that will impress the CEO.

Now, there are situations when you need to stand up for yourself and take credit for your work. But there are also situations when you’re better off turning the other cheek and being the bigger person. Especially when you know that your words or the “dirt” you have one someone has the potential to destroy someone’s career, family, relationships, or life.

Be discerning and wise with whom you share information about others. Pray on it and if God leads you to disclose the information, share it with someone who won’t help further spread the rumor or someone in a position to correct the wrong (a family member, a pastor, etc..). Above all, don’t be the one to further a rumor when you hear something about someone else. If you don’t know it is the truth, don’t share it with someone else!


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