Day 241: Constructive Criticism (Psalm 139-141; 1 Corinthians 10:1-13

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If you’ve ever had a performance review at work, you know how awkward and even hurtful it can be to get negative feedback about yourself. So, to voluntarily ask for constructive critisim is seen by some as something worst than public humiliation – totally unnecessary. Yet, in today’a reading, David asks the Lord to search his heart to see if there is anything wicked in him.

None of us like to hear our faults, but if we want to grow spiritually, we need to know which areas we need to strengthen and build up. This is especially important in the good times – the times when life is going well and you feel spiritually comfortable with no great worries or needs. Those are often the most perfect times to turn to the Lord and ask for a lesson plan: for something within yourself to improve. Whether it’s a lesson on self-denial, patience, loving your neighbor, idols or whatever else is your weak spot.

God is always teaching and molding us, but sometimes, we have to be proactive and ask for his feedback on what we may need to improve or rid our life of. We may not always like the answer, but when we follow through and make the change in our life, we will flourish and grow exponentially.

Have you ever asked the Lord for constructive criticism? What happened?


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