Day 238: Single Status (Psalm 128-131; 1 Corinthians 7:25-40)

DAY 238

Apostle Paul is really good about emphasizing that both singleness and marriage are seasons of life that are different, yet equally important. Yet, singleness always precedes marriage and that’s probably for a reason: when we are single, we have more opportunities to focus on our spiritual growth in order to build a solid foundation of faith before we bind our life to another’s.

This devotional is for the single girls though. You might think that you’ll become spiritually strong or go into ministry once you’re married. Or maybe you’re holding off to marry until you’re spiritually “ready.” Being single all my life, I know how society can make you feel less than because there is no wedding ring on your finger (let’s be real, its usually family that does this best!) . There are dozens of other ways singleness is labeled as the lesser of relationship statuses.

But in my humble opinion – and Apostle Paul’s (see v. 8) – singleness is the best season of them all, especially at the ages we grow up and mature into the women God created us to be. Being single means you alone are responsible for keeping yourself spiritually fed. It means you have the time in your schedule to spend hours a day in prayer and Bible study – just you and the Lord (there are no kiddos vying for your attention or another human being influencing your meditations, even as good as both of those things are). Most importantly, it is a season of preparation, because it determines the kind of wife you’ll be someday.

Spend this season wisely. Focus on becoming holy in body and spirit. Care about the things  of the Lord – including orphans, widows and those in need. Your season of marriage will come if you desire it to. And that season will be good too. For now though, single is the best status to have, because it means you are wholly, completely and fully His. 


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