Day 233: A Watering Ministry (Psalm 119:1-48; 1 Corinthians 3)

Day 233

I am not a gardener, so when the Lord began to teach me through gardening analogies like these, I decided to dig deeper into gardening books. That’s when I learned how important water is to the health of a plant. For example, the growth of a plant is dramatically affected by the timing and amount of water applied during production. Water is essential to every major process that goes on within a plant. But, it’s not just about survival – a plant derived of sufficient moisture is most likely doomed to develop poorly and die. Without adequate water levels, cells become small and weak, and cease to be able to do their designated functions.

God began to show me that Tirzah is a watering ministry. That this needs to be a place where pure water is poured into the hearts of readers – real, Biblical truth. Because most of us reading have already encountered the news of who Jesus is – the seed has been planted. And now we need water. For some, it may have been a dry season for awhile now – maybe you’ve been without a church while you’re away at school or maybe the world tempted you away with shiny promises and years passed without any true spiritual growth. For others, you may have that thirst in you to go deeper – to learn more about God and how you should live a set apart life… but you find yourself longing for a community of like-minded believers to encourage and strengthen you on your way. This is where Tirzah comes in. This is our watering ministry and we’re so grateful you’re here.

What type of ministry do you feel called to in this season of your life?  We urge you to study the different types of ministry mentioned in verses 5 to 11 to see where your talents fall. 


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