Day 232: The Power of God (Psalm 116-118; 1 Corinthians 2)

Day 232

The fear that we don’t know enough of the Bible is probably one of the top things that holds us back from preaching the Gospel to the people in our lives. We worry that we won’t have the right answers and what if they ask us something we can’t defend?

But it’s not about whether you have the right answers or can write pretty words about your faith. It’s how you live. Apostle Paul stressed the importance of living out the power of God “in demonstration.” Your life is your testimony. Yes, you need to know the Bible well to explain why you live the way you do. But even the most persuasive argument from the most educated religious scholar won’t convince someone of the scholar’s faith if his life is contrary to his teaching. Yes, we’re always learning and growing, but our lives must reflect even that: the progress of what God has done in our hearts and lives.

The World is hungry to see the true power of God. It is up to us, as His children, to be God’s ambassadors on this earth. But to do so, means giving up control and giving Him room to work. It means stepping out in faith once in awhile.

What is a recent example of how you lived out the power of God? 



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