Day 221: Fear of God (Psalm 85-87; Romans 9)

Day 221 Tirzah in the Word

The concept of fearing God is confusing to many new believers. Why would you fear a good and merciful Father? Because our heavenly father is a powerful King of Kings.

Too often, we place God in the loving Father category and forget that like any parent, He is also able to discipline us when we wander away from His instruction, and sometimes, He allows us to face the consequences of our actions just to teach us a lesson. It doesn’t mean He loves us any less, but it is necessary to keep us in line.

Some Bible versions replace “unite my heart” with an “undivided” or “pure” heart in this verse. Because its about keeping our focus on God. When we get distracted by other idols and the promises of this world, we tend to wander into the enemy’s territory. We step out of God’s penumbra of protection and give access to the enemy to our hearts and minds. Like the good Shepherd, the Lord will come find us and bring us back, but not before we get a few scratches or wounds in our wanderings.

The fear then is born out of what happens when we take off our invisible crowns as daughters of the King and instead choose to blend in with the world. It’s like when a prince decides to ditch his royal escorts and dress up as a pauper to experience how the commoners live. Without his father’s royal protection, he becomes easy prey for anything and everything.

Such is our fear of losing the protection offered to us by the name of Jesus Christ. We must stay on the narrow path and wear our crowns with humility and grace.

Is there an area of your life that seems to be lacking God’s protection?  


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