Day 218: Flesh vs. Godly Heart (Psalm 78; Romans 7)

I have a bad habit of driving through yellow traffic lights. There’s a part of me that knows I should slow down. But there’s another part that wants to see if I can keep going before the light turns red. Those who drive know that traffic lights are there to give us order. Without them, those who have road rage would be angrier, the number of accidents and deaths would be sky-high, and forget about pedestrians crossing the street.

Paul makes a similar analogy to the Law. It was given to the Israelites as a good thing to show the evidence of sin in their lives. Instead of helping them to slow down, the sin that now had a name made them even more rebellious. The Law itself wasn’t bad…after all, does God give bad things? Not according to James 1:17, “Every good and perfect gift is from above…” The Law was good and holy but could not be followed by imperfect, sinful people.

More than running through yellow lights, Paul vulnerably tells us that even he could not keep it. He kept doing what he did not want to and couldn’t do what he wanted. Don’t you get frustrated at yourself too? How about those times when we want to read the Bible but Pinterest keeps calling your name?

In our own flesh, we can’t do what is right in God’s eyes, which is why we give God thanks for Jesus. He did not abolish the Law but fulfilled the Law because only He is sinless. So we look to Him when our flesh thinks it’s going to win, knowing that we’ve been spiritually divorced from that stronghold. We’re now married to Christ and it’s a relationship of grace.

Friends, if you’re going through a struggle, know that God is so much stronger and able. Jesus frees you from the demand sin places, which is eternal separation. God loves you too much for that to happen so He sent His only Son to die for you. It’s through His resurrection power that we are no longer slaves to sin’s power!

What were your thoughts about the Law before Paul’s words in Romans 7? How does verse 25 change your thoughts about any sin you may be dealing with? 


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