Day 214: Envy (Psalm 68-69; Romans 3)

“Why do you fume with envy, you mountains of many peaks? This is the mountain which God desires to dwell in; Yes, the Lord will dwell in it forever.” -Psalm 68:16

I read this passage in a season of settling. God had been teaching me that I was exactly where I was meant to be, doing the work He had prepared for me. But after years spent chasing half a dozen different dreams and career options, I couldn’t seem to accept my portion. Or mountain it would seem. Settling into my calling was difficult, because it meant sticking with something for the long haul.

I looked at how God was using other people and I envied their obvious success. I envisioned their careers and businesses were better alternatives than what God asked me to do in this season. Why else did that ministry have more followers and better engagement with their readers? How come she get that job offer over me? Why does that type of girl always get the guy?

Because God deemed it so. He chose me to live out this life, this profession, and these dreams. He chose you for something else entirely. He chose us and He called it good.

So often we grow increasingly envious of others successes and accomplishments and we forget that God chose this body of ours as His temple. Just because my story has less peaks than hers, doesn’t make it any less worthy of glorying God. He lives in me, and that is enough.


One thought on “Day 214: Envy (Psalm 68-69; Romans 3)

  1. Oh boy Yelena ! Every time lately when I read your words, they connect to my heart so strongly. The piece today struck me right like “Pow !” I am envious of other couples, happy together and enjoying family. People who have family period and have children, (even if they are on their own !) No resentment there mind you !

    I had to learn (although I don’t like it really) that God had placed me right where I am, which is alone, for a purpose, and although I may never know why …. I just have to except the fact that “It is what it is” and ask my Father and Friend to show me His will for my day, every day and to turn all of me over to Him totally and make me aware of Him more during my day. Learn to be happy for others who have more of what I would like and turn to Him and do what He calls me to do.

    Trust me Yelena, you have a calling just as precious, if not more so, than all the others that seem to have more of what you would like. Don’t compare, as you have such a special gift and purpose for HIM. Thank you for who you are : ))


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