Day 212: The Struggle (Psalm 62-64; Romans 1)

I’m so excited to dive into the book of Romans with you! It’s full of vital truths, but, let me warn you: the truth hurts sometimes. So, can you promise me something? Before you start reading Romans, really comprehend that nothing can separate you from the love of God; nothing you’ve ever done or ever will do can cause Him to love you less. God wants to teach us these essential truths because He loves us, unconditionally! Remember that when you read this book, promise?

Painful truth #1: “they worship and serve what God has created instead of the Creator himself” (Romans 1:25).

I think we’ve all done this at some point in our lives. Have you ever been blinded by your love for a man? Have you ever given in to temptation? We all know the gravity of love, food, pretty clothes, beautiful bodies, sex… and in itself, there’s nothing wrong with any of these things. But there’s a fine line between honoring God with the way you love people around you and honoring love itself. There’s a fine line between worshiping God with the way you dress and treat your body and worshiping your body itself.

Let me share a personal struggle with you. For a long time, I couldn’t understand why two people who are in love should not have sex until marriage. Christians could talk to me all they want, but it was just really hard for me to fully comprehend that the best thing to do is wait. Now, I do understand the beauty in waiting and the importance of it, and yet from time to time I still get confused about it all over again. At those times, this is what I’ll say to myself:

“God is the Creator of all creation. I have to trust Him that His manual is the best way to go.”

God created sex. Who am I to dismiss His manual for it? Yeah, there are times when we just don’t understand why we should or shouldn’t do certain things, there are times when we just don’t see the reasoning behind it all, but that’s okay as long as we keep reminding ourselves that God only wants the best for us. Do you want the best for your life? Follow His manual. Serve your Creator over all creation. It’s the only way that’s right.

Do you question one of God’s “manuals” sometimes? Which one?

What do you do when you get tempted to serve creation over our Creator?



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