Day 210: Overcoming Fear (Psalm 56-58; Acts 28:1-15)

When I was little, I went through a time when I had nightmares to the point where I could not sleep. I was terrified that someone would break into our house and harm us. When I shared this with my dad, he made me memorize this verse:

“In God I have put my trust; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?” -Psalm 56:11

Many times since then I have recited these words over and over again until I believed them to my core. Because unless God allows it, no one can hurt me. There are horses and chariots of fire all around me (2 Kings 6:17). He has put a hedge of protection around me (Psalm 139:5). When I cry out to Him, my enemies turn back (Psalm 56:9).

People may wish you harm. Some may try to hurt or destroy you. Mean girls abound in spades and cyberbullying continues to plague many teenage hearts. A girl walking alone on a dark street can cause even the bravest of women to walk a little bit faster and to be hyper vigilant. But don’t forget who walks beside you.

My grandmother grew up in Siberia. Jesus found her when she was 15 and she would walk several kilometers to pray with a few elderly women, often returning home late at night or early in the morning so she could sneak back in to her parent’s home (her parents were not believers). One winter night, as she was returning home at the age of 16, a group of gang members, known as the “Black Cats” emerged out of the shadows and began to taunt and torment her. With a prayer on her lips, she told the men to let her go in the name if Jesus Christ or God himself would come down from Heaven and defend her. As she prayed and pleaded with them, pillars of fire came down from above – my grandma describes them as thick bolts of lightening that lit up the surroundings for several minutes without wavering. The men questioned if it was maybe a car or projector as they shielded their eyes from the light. But my grandmother insisted that it was God. Within minutes, the men ran away and slowly the light faded away.

So, if you ever find yourself in fear of man, I hope you’ll remember this testimony and the one in whom you trust.


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