Day 207: Callings (Psalm 47-49; Acts 26)

Paul’s story of his conversion is inspiring to many. We might even wish that a voice from heaven would tell us that clearly what to do and where to go. The thing is, God knows exactly where to find us and how to commission us with our callings.

If you’re reading this devotional, God has most likely already met you somewhere. You’ve repented, accepted Him as your savior and been baptized. There may also be a few of you who are still dipping your feet in the waters of faith, unsure if this whole religion thing is for you. Regardless, we all wonder what God wants us to do.

But we already know. It just doesn’t seem as glamorous or as exciting as Paul’s story. But the calling remains the same:

To be witnesses of the things God has done in our lives already and the things which He will reveal to us in the future.

To open the eyes of the people around us to the Truth.

To be the light in a dark world so that everyone around us has the chance to receive forgiveness of their sins and an inheritance among those sanctified by faith in Jesus Christ.

We can do these things every day – regardless of our college major, profession, economic standing or age. A lawyer can do this just as well as a stay at home mom. A nursing student can do this just as well as a high school drop out. An artist can paint it and an engineer can design it.

Paul was called to it. And so are we. You don’t need a message in the sky or writing on a wall. Because it’s already written on your heart and poured into you through the Holy Spirit. You’re already called. Chosen. Created for a purpose. Now, you just have to live it out. Today. Tomorrow. And every day until the Lord calls you home.


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