Day 204: Red Flags & Warning Signs (Psalm 38-40; Acts 23:12-35)

In Acts 23 today, we read about a plot to kill Paul. Forty men conspired to overtake Paul’s guards and kill him as he was lead to trial in the morning. When news of this reached Paul, he sent a messenger to the commander, asking to move him to safety. The commander then tasked two hundred soldiers and two hundred spearmen to accompany Paul in the middle of the night to the governor.

As believers, we are taught to be still and trust God to fight our battles. But that doesn’t mean that we live passively. We must still fight and be strategic in guarding our hearts and minds. Paul could have sat in his cell and waited on God for deliverance. But instead he was proactive in asking the commander for protection. And God moved this commander to send 400 men to protect Paul.

So, the next time God warns you ahead of time of something or someone who might try to shake your faith or harm you, be proactive in avoiding the attack. The warning may be subtle – a red flag in a new relationship, a gut feeling to maybe not go somewhere with the rest of your friends, or advice from an elder or parent to abstain from something. Warnings come in all shapes and sizes, but it is what we choose to do with those warnings that determines our future.

God is here and He will fight for us. But He also gives us wisdom and people in our lives to help guard us against harm. So, round up the prayer warriors in your life – and if you don’t have anyone, email us – and we’ll be your army of 400 as you journey through a season of temptation or danger and into safety.


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