Day 201: Praising Jesus (Psalm 31-33; Acts 21:15-40)

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Last week, I had a difficulty plop into my lap; and predictably, I felt the subtle, fleshy pressures of self pity and depression tapping on the door of my soul. I thought of how it was a chance to invite the victory of Christ into this area of my heart and, with His help, I found praise music, cranked up the volume, and belted out “This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!”

As I was studying Psalms 31-33, I was challenged to stop looking at my own problems and instead to turn my gaze to Jesus. David is an excellent example! He was not in an ideal situation when he wrote those Psalms. Yet, in the midst of difficulty, he chose to write of God’s great works and character.

I encourage you today, sister, to follow David’s example, and praise Jesus! Even if your circumstances are less than ideal, there is always something to praise Him for.

What helps you focus your eyes on Jesus? Please share it in the comments to encourage others!


One thought on “Day 201: Praising Jesus (Psalm 31-33; Acts 21:15-40)

  1. Encouraging other believers…Sharing the Faith 📖helps me Focus on Jesus & His Amazing Goodness. Then I Am Reminded💭 what He has done for others… He will do for me. I Am His Child Too!!!


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