Day 196: Curves & Grace (Psalm 17-18; Acts 19:1-20)

It is God who arms me with strength, and makes my way perfect. -Psalm 18:32

In law school, most of our classes are graded on a curve. Otherwise, a lot of us would fail.

Which got me thinking: is grace our curve?

God expects perfection and holiness from us. Because He is holy and perfect. Yet, as humans, we all sin. We are imperfect and flawed. No matter how hard we try, we still fail Him often.

So God sent His one and only son, who He knew could actually achieve perfection and holiness even while in human form. And when He died on that cross, grace was born. So that when we do sin, we can still have a chance at eternal life, because His grace fills us where we are weak, struggling or not fully up to par.

But even with a curve, in law school, you still need to work hard. Because even on a curve, someone has to fail. So, you work hard to be closer to the top of the curve than the bottom.

Even with grace, we too have to work hard to achieve that high standard of holiness. Most days, we’ll fall short, but there will be days when we may even set the curve.

Although God set this curve to give everyone the opportunity to be saved, not everyone will be. Some will stay at the bottom, not even fully trying to rise up the ranks to be holy and set apart.

Don’t be that person. Strive to set the curve. Yes, it’s hard. And you may see people doing a better job than you. But don’t forget grace. When you’ve done all that you can do and still fall short, ask Jesus to fill the gaps with His grace and power. And He will. He will make your path perfect. That’s what He was created to do.


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