Day 195: Be Open To Correction (Psalm 13-16; Acts 18)

In Acts 18:24-28, we see a man boldly involved in ministry. According to Scripture, Apollos was an eloquent man and mighty in Scriptures. And although He was trained up in the things of the Lord, he only knew what John the Baptist preached. As we read from John’s ministry, his focus was on repentance, and since he passed aways before Jesus, John’s preachings were limited to the importance of repentance from sin.

As such, a couple took Apollos aside to correct him and tell him the complete story of Jesus, including his crucifixion and resurrection and what all that means for mankind.

This is so rare nowadays. We feel uncomfortable correcting anyone, even when we know they are speaking or behaving against the word of God. And as young people, we despise elders telling us how to live our lives or telling us that we’re wrong.

So, today, I pray that we will learn from Apollos and be open to correction. We are young and we have a lot to learn. There are many people who are more wise that God has put in our lives, so don’t be afraid to ask for feedback or to accept correction. In Titus 2, older women are instructed to teach younger women how to live and behave. So, as young women, we must do our part in being willing to learn.

Are you willing to accept correction and to learn from your elders? If not, why?

What is one lesson you learned from on older woman in Christ?


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