Day 194: Psalm 10-12; Acts 17:16-34

In Acts 17:22-34, we see Apostle Paul’s model of sharing the Gospel that proves to be quite effective. Here, God spoke to educated men (a tough crowd!), and although in the end, some mocked him, there were a few that followed him as a result.

First, Paul began by building a case for the one true God, using examples the crowd understood (17:22-23). Second, Paul established common ground by emphasizing what they agreed on about God (17:24-29). Finally, he moved his message to the person of Christ, centering on the Resurrection (17:30-31).

When you witness to others, you can also use a similar approach: use examples, establish common ground, and then move people toward a decision about Jesus Christ.

A lot of times, we feel inadequate to tell others about Jesus – like we don’t know the Bible well enough or we worry they’ll ask questions we don’t have answers to. But even as Paul faced a group of very educated men, he knew that His God was greater than any education books. God will give you the words, but start with what you do know and what you have lived through. Share examples from your life and find ways to connect with others. And then always end a conversation by pointing others to Christ. Even if it’s as simple as saying “glory to God for all of this.”

Do you have techniques that help you in ministry or in preaching the Gospel to the people around you? Do share with us in the comments or over on our Instagram page (@TirzahMag)! 


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