Day 192: Singing (Psalm 4-6; Acts 16:16-40)

I think we’ve all had days when we felt like there’s nothing to be happy about. Of course, deep down we know we’ve always got plenty to be grateful for, but sometimes we’re just not feeling it, am I right?

But at midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the prisoners were listening to them. -Acts 16:25

This verse doesn’t make any sense at all. Try to imagine the situation Paul and Silas were in that night: during the day, their clothes were torn off, so that night they may have been cold or felt awkward, since, well, they were naked; they were beaten with rods, so their bodies must have been in a lot of pain; and they were thrown in the inner prison (some Bible translations refer to it as ‘the dungeon’), so it must have been pitch-dark in their cell. Oh yes, the perfect time to sing songs of praise indeed… But that’s what they did: they expressed their joy by praying and singing hymns to God.

Because the joy of their salvation was bigger than the pain of their circumstances.

At times you may feel your joy isn’t bigger than your circumstances. And I feel you on that one. But start singing anyways.

Even when the fight seems lost

I’ll praise You

Even when it hurts like hell

I’ll praise You

Even when it makes no sense to sing

Louder then I’ll sing Your praise

-Hillsong United, “Even When It Hurts”

Don’t let your circumstances prevent you from singing today, dear sister. By proclaiming the greatness of our God, the pain of your circumstances will become less great.

What song of praise is God putting on your heart today?



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