Day 190: Don’t Ask Why (Job 40-42; Acts 15:22-41)

Before we come to the grand conclusion (and happy ending) of Job’s story, we get two chapters of God’s perspective on all of this. I don’t know about you, but y’all, I get shivers reading chapters 40 and 41.

Throughout this book, Job keeps pleading with God for a chance to argue his side. But God is silent and bad things keep happening. Finally, when God appears to Job, Job is silent.

Here, God describes a Leviathan. In old Canaanite myths, this was a seven-headed sea monster, but likely here it refers to a very large crocodile. God points out that no man dares to take on this creature, so why do we think that we can stand against God (41:1-11)?

I will be the first to admit that I have asked God “why” before. When times were hard or when prayers went unanswered, I questioned Him. But in those I also moments forgot who I was asking. Like a spoiled child, I forgot that He is King. Who am I to question His decisions or His timing?

Who has preceded me, that I should pay him? Everything under heaven is Mine. -Job 41:11

God doesn’t owe us answer or explanations. He often gives them to us, because we’re human and He knows that makes us feel better. But, we’re not entitled to know everything or to question His authority.

It’s not bad to ask God for explanations or to ask Him questions. But it is disrespectful to blame Him for everything that goes wrong. And it’s not okay to react with disdain when we don’t get our way with Him.

Because as we see in chapter 42, after all his bravado and even his list of righteous accomplishments from chapter 31, Job admits that he didn’t know what he was talking about all this time. In the end, Job yielded to God’s wisdom and authority.

Maybe you’ve been battling God about something in your life with endless questions and maybe even finger pointing. If that’s the case, I pray that today, you will yield to His authority. He knows best, even when it seems like everything is all wrong. Trust Him. He’s got this!


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