Day 177: Careful & Compassionate (Job 7-9, Acts 7:44-60)

Have you ever had everything that could go wrong, go wrong, all at the same time? Back to back trials without any sign of relief! Then all of a sudden someone shows up (maybe a friend or loved one) to extend a word of encouragement, but they only make matters worse, with the words they speak!

Does God twist justice? Does the Almighty twist what is right? Your children must have sinned against him, so their punishment was well deserved. -Job 8:3-4

Job lost his children, wealth, and had serious health issues. Initially, his friends showed up to sit with him silently in prayer which was the best thing they could do. But of course, Bildad, decides to voice his opinion of Job’s circumstances.

When a person is suffering, we should avoid careless talking and criticism. The focus isn’t on figuring out why things are happening or condemning like Job’s friends did. Instead, place yourself in the other person’s shoes, and offer comfort and compassion! The best comforters are people who have gone through times of suffering, because it’s more relatable to them. If you don’t know what to say or do, silence is good, followed with prayer, or simply sitting with the person. Showing compassion toward others is a blessing that we should to be willing to give and it’s also a blessing to receive when we are in need of comfort and support.


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