Day 176: The Power of Stories (Job 4-6 & Acts 7:20-43)

It struck me a few years ago as I read through the Old Testament how many times God instructed His people to tell the stories of His providence and goodness to their children. Stories have incredible power. When life gets hard, we can call these stories to mind, and cling to them in the confident hope that our God does not change and that the same God who raised Jesus from the dead is with us now.

I was amazed to see Stephen use this strategy of storytelling when he was confronted by the Pharisees in Acts 7. When the Pharisees asked Stephen to prove the validity of the God he served, he responded by telling stories from the Old Testament of God’s work among His people. Despite the continued failures of his chosen people, God was working out His plan.

Whether we are confronting the questionings of a friend or even our own doubts, we can use the stories of God’s faithfulness to confirm and encourage our hearts that He will be faithful again. Our God does not change. What a promise! What a joy!


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