Day 175: Our Unseen God (Job 1-3 & Acts 7:1-19)

When I read the story of Job I am challenged with the fact that while we see the whole story, Job did not. He did not have the privilege of hearing the discussions between God and Satan. He did not see into the future when God would replenish him with everything he lost.

It is not always easy to see divine purpose in difficult times. In times like these, let’s remember two things:

1. God is always working for us in a thousand ways we cannot see.

What a strong encouragement! Just as God was advocating and protecting Job in the midst of His trials in ways unknown to Job, God is working on our behalf even when it feels like He’s not there.

I hope you have the privilege of seeing God work through a situation in your life that is outside your control. I hope you encounter a blessing that when you look back, you can see how God was preparing this gift or deliverance for you.

2. The promises of God are stronger than any wound or difficult circumstance or emotional state we may find ourselves in.

Let that strength be your strength. Let the burdens of this life rest on the strong power and love of God. When your doubts cloud your vision of Jesus, let the deep reality of His faithfulness cause you to ask the Lord for a vision beyond yourself.

Let us lift our eyes to heaven, and in the face of the devil and his attempts to derail our faith, declare with Job, “The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord” (Job 1:21).


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