Day 174: Approaching a King (Esther 7-10; Acts 6)

The movie One Night With the King is my favorite film version of the story of Esther. There is a scene when Esther goes to the royal court to petition the king to listen to her inquiry to save her people. As those huge doors open and Esther makes her way down the aisle towards the king, knowing she could be killed for coming to court without an invitation, everyone stares in awe and silence. When she finally arrives at the throne, she falls to her knees and bows down before the king.


Some days, as I walk through this life, I forget that my God is a king as well. When I come before His throne in prayer, I want to remember that so that I can approach Him properly. For example, when my thoughts begin to wander as I pray, I envision this scene. But with me and God in that great room. As I come before His great throne, it puts things in perspective. When I remember who I am praying to, Esther’s words become my prayer:

If it pleases the king, and if I have found favor in his sight and the thing seems right to the king and I am pleasing in his eyes, let it be… -Esther 8:5

Because then it’s not about making a laundry list of requests, but about His sovereignty and mercy. It’s about finding favor in His eyes.

How do you approach your King? 


2 thoughts on “Day 174: Approaching a King (Esther 7-10; Acts 6)

  1. This is the most inspiring thing I have read on praying, ever. I’m 70years “young” and been a Christian 47years and prayer has been my main area of thought, learning, and participation. I’ve read many, many books; went to many seminars, meetings, classes; listened to tapes, videos; all on prayer. I have desired to write a book, sort of a legacy, of beliefs and thoughts God has taught me to leave to my children and grandchildren. This devotional is, I believe God-inspired, to jump start that happening. Thank you for understanding what God has given you to relate to others and inspire me.


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