Day 172: No Looking Back (Esther 1-3, Acts 5:1-16)

In chapter 5 of Acts today, we read about a couple who sold all of their possessions and decided to follow the Lord. Well, sort of, because they also decided to keep a portion of the proceeds for themselves (maybe as a rainy day emergency fund!).

Don’t we do that too though? Sometimes, we promise the Lord that we’ll do something for Him or we’ll change something in our lives to better align with His instructions. But then we do it with half a heart. Or just the bare minimum to qualify as our Christian duty.

For example, take Bible study. We all make the resolutions and promises to read the Bible more. So, we do it for a day or two, or maybe even a month or two, but then we eventually start to make more time for ourselves and our other interests and responsibilities. In the end, instead of giving God everything, we end up giving Him scraps of time and our attention.

So, when you say you want to follow the Lord with all of your heart and dedicate your life to Him, then do it wholeheartedly and don’t look back. The world will tempt you to leave a small part of your life for fun or fitting in with the world. But, don’t listen! Leave this world fully behind you and choose Jesus. He knows your heart and if there is any deceit hiding there, He sees that too!

Is there a part of your life or heart that you’ve been holding back from fully surrendering to Christ?


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