Day 171: Oofgablook (Nehemiah 12 & 13; Acts 4:23-27)

Imagine if you invested a chunk of your life in creating something…we’ll call it an “Oofgablook”. You made sure to dot all of your i’s and cross all of your t’s in the process of creating the Oofgablook. You knew, from the top of your head to the tip of your toes, that you had created an impressive Oofgablook. It would stand the test of time! But once everything was in place, you had to find the right set of people to take care of your Oofgablook and move on. So, you did. You trusted these people with the care of this Oofgablook.

Flash forward five years or so- you’ve moved on and had a great life. But, you decide that it’s time to go check on your Oofgablook. You arrive to see the Oofgablook in complete shambles. The people you left in charge haven’t taken very good care of the Oofgablook. It’s been knocked over a few times and scribbled on. There’s mud, paint and coffee splattered all over it. It doesn’t really look like an Oofgablook anymore…it looks more like a Gablookoff!


The people you left in charge didn’t share your heart. They hadn’t invested the initial time and energy in the creation of the Oofgablook, so they struggled to understand its significance. In the same way, Eliashib didn’t care about Jerusalem the way that Nehemiah cared. He failed to lead the people to pursue a lifestyle in adherence to God’s laws (Nehemiah 13). Essentially, there was a disconnect between the person who had created the Oofgablook and the person who was left in charge.

Flash forward to the earliest believers, they have been left the foundation for a church. They have some leaders and Scriptures and their experiences with Christ. But, they are being torn apart and persecuted! They have every reason to throw off the burden of this Oofgablook…but they don’t. Instead, they throw themselves wholeheartedly into it! And they do this, not on their own, but as one. I love the imagery in Acts 4:24.

Day 171

This isn’t like when Nehemiah built a city and left a priest in charge. When Jesus began building a church, He left people in charge that shared His passion. People who were passionate about pursuing a life that represented Him.

All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but they shared everything they had. -Acts 4:32

Are you currently seeking out a body of believers that will inspire you to invest in God’s Oofgablook (aka the church)?

How are you shaking off your own insecurities to fully commit to participation in the body of Christ?


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