Day 170: HIS. (Nehemiah 9-11; Acts 4:1-22)

“Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated and untrained men, they marveled. And they realized that they had been with with Jesus.” -Acts 4:13

As an introvert, I hate being seen. I just don’t like being the center of attention. But as a daughter of the one true King, I am realizing that because it’s my identity, I must be seen…so that He can be seen through me. If I follow Him, and when I spend time in His presence, something about me changes so that people can tell I am His. It’s the peace and faith that line my face, the way I dress, speak, and how I spend my time. I can’t hide it.

But that’s not every day. Because there are days when blending in with the world is an easier road to take. When I don’t say something when someone makes a nasty comment about “those Christians” or when my clothes aim more to appeal to the male eye or to fit in with my peers than to glorify my God and honor my future husband. When I worry and pack my day with a thousand un-important concerns of this world.

Day 170.jpg

Each morning when I rise, I make a choice on the person I will present to the world. If I spend quiet time praying and studying the Word in His presence, it will be known that I am His. Even if I don’t say a single word about Jesus all day, people will see Him through me.

Or I can choose to sleep in a little, or pack my day so full of everything else that time with Jesus dwindles to a hurried prayer at bedtime. And its likely that day, and maybe even the next day, not many people will know I am His. Because I spent no time with Him. I did not have His boldness or His peace. I was probably frantic, stressed, consumed by the world and myself.

Today, you also have the choice. Will people know you are His? Or will you seamlessly blend in with the world around you? 



2 thoughts on “Day 170: HIS. (Nehemiah 9-11; Acts 4:1-22)

  1. In reading your post Day 187: True Religion (Job 33-34, Acts 13:24-52) …….. You are such a woman Yelena ! I thank God for the Truth that is in you : )


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