Day 167: Hard Work & Miracles (Nehemiah 1-3, Acts 2:1-13)

I tend to look at others in the church community and be wowed by their involvement. People who serve on a billion teams, worship leaders, prayer volunteers… the list goes on.  In comparison with these people, I feel average. Ordinary. So, where and how could I fit in? How am I supposed to make any kind of difference in the church, my community, or for His kingdom?

At these moments of overflowing insecurity, remembering who our God is can make a huge difference on our outlook. Let this be your reminder: Our God is not average and He makes nothing ordinary, including you and me.

In the first part of Nehemiah, we read the description of the broken state of Jerusalem. Hearing this news breaks Nehemiah down and shakes his soul deeply. Upon time in prayer and waiting until the right moment, he is given the opportunity to rebuild the city and head the project himself!

“So I prayed to the God of heaven and answered the king.” –Neh. 2:4

Here is my question: what rattles you? Because whether you realize it or not, you fully have the capacity in Christ to address that issue and change it for the better, to change it for His glory! How empowering a message! All it takes is our decision to start.

Day 167

Jumping forward to Acts 2:1-13, a miracle unfolds. What these two stories have in common is this: our God and His power. In the Old Testament passage, we see God’s feet on the ground. Our effort are required to make a difference for the glory of His kingdom. In the New Testament passage, we additionally see how incredible He is in providing for us as His messengers when we make ourselves available and ready to serve Him with all we are.

So don’t be intimidated by others in the church. Be empowered by them and take charge in issues that shake you. Even if you might feel small against an impossibly big task, remember you have a powerful Father in Heaven who provides endless support and awe-inspiring miracles.

What have you been thinking about getting involved in and what is holding you back?

What is the first step that you can work towards this week to start addressing it? Maybe it’s steady prayer on the potential issue, talking to someone (family, friends, church leader, etc.), or maybe it’s finally taking the leap and deciding on jumping into it.


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