Day 165: What’s in it for ME? (Ezra 6-8, John 21)

Sometimes, when we hear the word “volunteer” we decide, right then and there, that it is not for us. Not enough time, not our thing, and don’t know where to start are a few excuses we use. But, let us be honest and just say it…What’s in it for ME?

Even back in the day, while Ezra was journeying to Jerusalem, when he asked for volunteers, he received opposition.

I assembled the exiles at the Ahava Canal, and we camped there for three days while I went over the lists of the people and the priests who had arrived. I found that not one Levite had volunteered to come along. -Ezra 8:15

We spend a lot of time praying to God to bless us with a special gift, purpose, a calling, and opportunities to serve others. He answers those prayers by blessing us with all kinds of creative and unique talents and gifts to utilize for His purposes. But, sometimes we get caught up in controlling how and when we use our gifts, thinking only of ourselves, that we forget our gifts are from God.

God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another. -1 Peter 4:10

Are there any volunteer opportunities available in your community or church, that stand out to you? Willingness and a good attitude are requisite character qualities to have while serving others.


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