Day 162: Behold Your King! (2 Chronicles 34-36; John 19:1-22)

And (Pilate) said to the Jews, “Behold your King!” -John 19:15

I’ve never seen a royal being crowned. The last British monarch crowned was Queen Elizabeth in 1953. We love the idea of royalty…just look at the success of Disney princesses to see how fantastical they’ve become. But in John 19, the reality of being a King comes into crystal clear view.

There is one thing the nation of Israel always wanted: a true king. When they saw that other nations had a physical king, they rejected God and instead sought am earthly king (1 Samuel 8:1-8). When Saul failed to get as many kills as David, (1 Samuel 18:7-8) their favor switched to David, which led to him being chased in the desert for eight years. Jesus, who had healed, taught in the synagogue, and offered hope to the the rejects of society was a threat to the traditions the high priests had grown accustomed to and because of that needed to be taken out of public view.

Instead of a royal coronation, where the people would have joyously welcomed their king, Jesus was beaten and mocked, given a crown of thorns and a purple robe. He was crucified as an innocent man so that we who are truly guilty could be free. Pilate offered Jesus as their King and instead the high priests told him, “Away with Him…We have no king but Ceasar” (verse 15).

Is Jesus truly King of our hearts? Are we willing to crucify our sin and be away with it (out of our sight and heart)?

We know that there is a soon and coming day when we’ll see Jesus properly reign as King!


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