Day 159: Jesus Prayed For You (2 Chronicles 26-28; John 17)

Day 159

Isn’t it amazing how we can read something in the Bible two or three times but it only becomes real and personal on the fourth (or perhaps fifth or sixth) time? That’s what happened to me when I read John 17, which has become one of my most favorite chapters in the Bible.

During Jesus’s ministry on earth, He went away many times to have communion with His father but those conversations were always private. In this chapter, we see Him pray more fully than at any other time. There is almost a fervency in His prayer as He knows that the time is very close to the fulfillment of His death. He prays to His Father as He instructed His disciples to do in Matthew 6. He prays for His disciples who are with Him who will be dispersed after His death. And then He prays for you and me, those of us who would make up the church in the future.

What did He pray for us?

  1. One in heart and mind. Whatever we are on this earth is a reflection of the relationship Jesus has with His Father and the Holy Spirit. They are the Tri-Unity, three in one. We are the church and although we are many, we should live in the same unity as the Godhead.
  2. The world will see Jesus in us. Whatever your thought may be on this, remember that His word never comes back void and the prayer of a righteous man avails much. What Jesus prayed is the very center and desire of His Father’s heart. Throughout Christian history, the world may have seen glimpses of this through men and women like Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Corrie Ten Boom but one day it will see it in all of us.
  3. We will be with Him. No matter the pain or the trials, we continue to press on toward the prize of Christ. The relationship that sin broke between God and man was made new by the blood of Jesus. Although we are parted from Him physically, there’s a coming day when we will be united, living eternally in the joy of our Lord.

Friend, you were thought of and prayed for by our Savior. His love for you goes beyond time…it is eternal.



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