Day 158: A Loyal Heart (2 Chronicles 23-25; John 16:16-33)

Day 158

And he did what was right in the sight of the Lord, but not with a loyal heart. -2 Chronicles 25:2

How are you enjoying reading about the lives of all these royals? Each king is so different, some walk in righteousness, while others bow to their own ambitions and desire only to please people.

The actions of Amaziah seem to be like such a contradiction though. How can you do what is right and still not please the Lord? According to the author of this passage, Amaziah’s problem was that he wasn’t loyal to the Lord. To me, this means that He went through the actions, but his heart was engaged elsewhere – maybe he had a weakness for pretty women, the idols of other nations (see verse 14), wealth, or any other number of things. But something pulled his heart away from God, even as he checked everything off the list of what a righteous man should do.

We can do all the right things, and look like the ideal Christians from the outside, but God sees our hearts. Are we tempted away by the World at the first promise of success, beauty, wealth or fame? Or do we remain steadfast in our faith in the face of the World’s invitations and pressure?

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