Day 155: Just a little More (2 Chronicles 13-16; John 14)

“Jesus, just give us more.”

This is what I read as Philip asks Jesus to just show them the Father and then that will be enough (v.8). I read this and I want to ask Philip how he doesn’t understand that he is sitting, walking, and talking with God in flesh. Jesus who is fully God and fully man is right here speaking to you and you want more?! Then I am reminded that I am basically Philip. I have the Holy Spirit, I read the Bible and I even know the ending, and yet I ask for more. We do this through asking for more devotionals or something more solid, something to ease doubts and struggles and if there were only one more sermon speaking on a certain topic, then I would be free. Then it would be enough. But really would it be?

This happens a lot when we have been caught up in religion and tasks or the ‘doing’ and not sitting with Jesus- wrapped up by who He is. I say I want more because I have not been fully consumed by who Jesus is.

Day 155

We have the Holy Spirit inside of us if we have truly repented; this Spirit that Jesus promises at the end of this chapter, this is the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. This Spirit has been sent as a helper to guide us into walking with the Lord. Sermons, devotionals, wise counselors are awesome and are used by God to show us more of Himself, but am I running more to these instead of running to God? He has not left us alone to run this race, but instead, given us more than enough to walk in freedom with Him.

Is Jesus enough for you today? Ask Jesus to show you where you are asking for ‘more’ because Jesus does not seem like enough in that area.


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